Benefits Consulting:

​We'll recommend the best options for today's health care needs




Our company can remove the burden of enrolling your employees in your core benefits for open enrollments, new benefit rollouts, or for new hire onboarding.  We can implement online, call center or "face-to-face" enrollments.  We will enroll any benefit option plans that are offered to your employees while explaining the terms of each benefit plan.


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On Line, Call Center, "Face-to-Face" we'll tailor what works best for you



Voluntary benefits

The health care climate has driven the need and value of offering quality, reliable voluntary benefits. They provide a financial safety net to your employees "out-of-pocket" liability in the event of a health event.  

​High deductible, high co-pay and high maximum out of pocket hospital expenses can financially devastate anyone with one visit to the hospital.

Life Insurance Options:

​Guaranteed Issued Universal Life, Whole Life or Term Life with Long Term Care Options for Financial peace of mind for your employees

Benesphere Advisors has been in the Employee Benefits business since 1993. With the health care market place changing at a rapid pace for business

owners, it's important to rely on a company that can direct your company down the right path for affordable, intelligent and comprehensive benefit plans that will better protect your employees.  

                             understanding your benefits is paramount

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Guarantee Issued Products:

Every company has people

with health issues.  We can get them accepted