Would you consider a career where you create your own work schedule, help people in times of need, and become a prolific income earner in America?

Benesphere Advisors provides you with a challenging career opportunity to create your own work schedule in a "business-to-business" marketplace, help people in times of financial need, and to become a top 2% income earner in America.  The business of Employee Benefits in America is changing at a revolutionary pace.  The benefit packages of all employees in the United States continues to increase in cost, yet diminish in value.  The team members at Benesphere Advisors manage company clients both locally and nationally to provide custom designed benefits that protect them from "out-of-pocket" risk and liability.  We currently manage over 2,500 companies as clients, and we need people to expand our business.

Benesphere Advisors represents many carriers in the Employee Benefits space, and consults with companies to offer sensible solutions to the challenges of healthcare plans that every company in America is facing today. 

Are you the type of Candidate that we would hire?

1) Our ideal candidate needs to be ambitious, have a great work ethic, and possess the discipline to execute and deploy our strategies that are based on a successful business model that ensures positive results.

2) We seek out people with excellent communication skills.  We're in front of people all of the time, and your ability to speak well, write well, and listen well will ensure your success.

3) We're looking for people that want to earn more than $100,000.00 a year and are willing to commit to excellence, and become part of a winning team.

If you would like to find out more about a potential career with Benesphere Advisors, please click the "Contact" icon at the top of this page and complete the information boxes and click the "Submit" button with your information.  Or you can contact our managing partner Eric Mac Dougall at eric@benesphere.com or call him directly at (267)878-0263 to schedule a career seminar to get all of the details regarding this great career opportunity.

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