Benesphere Advisors 

A full service consulting service to companies for beginning to end 

Voluntary Benefit strategies with full service implementation, enrollment platforms and employee services  

With decades of designing and implementing benefit plans for employers throughout all 50 states, Benesphere Advisors specializes in all aspects of implementing and deploying a voluntary strategy that comes at little or no cost to the employer.

Our goal is to assist and educate decision makers at companies as to the value of providing sound Voluntary Benefit solutions to complement their existing or future Core Employee Benefits Plan.  Our company has hundreds of servicing representatives to add a personal touch to the health care needs of your employees.  Our team will actively collaborate with our broker partners, employer clients, employee clients and professional agents to design and implement the best benefit solutions for both the company client and valued employees of that group client.  We work extremely hard to provide a pleasant customer experience, while utilizing cutting edge technologies to streamline the enrollment process while educating your employees of the best options for their personal needs.  Our mission is to build long term professional relationships with our clients while we serve their needs in a health care climate that can be extremely confusing. 

Our organization is comprised of dedicated full time veterans in the Benefits Industry that are experts in navigating our clients through a very rapidly changing Health Care climate.  

Our company's belief that a well designed Voluntary Benefit plan offering should:

  • Offer products and services that best meet the needs of the Employees 
  • Provide services beyond traditional health benefits that provides a financial safety 

          net for out of pocket risk, as well as improving education by better communications

‚Äč        while containing costs or promoting wellness programs

  • Communicate the options in a manner that allows employees to better understand

          and appreciate their benefits

  • Provide enrollment options by dedicated professionals whom will be the servicing

          agents as the "go to" person for all questions, claims and servicing needs

  • Be transparent with any broker partners with Employers 
  • Simplify the support and service so that all Voluntary plans go directly through the support team at Benesphere Advisors 

                                                                                                                        Why Voluntary Benefits?

                                                             All businesses across America today are exposed to increasing health care 

                                                                                      costs and a declining economy.  Employees are at a much greater risk for 

                                                                                      "out of pocket" costs due to escalating deductibles, co-pays and maximum

                                                                                      in-network and out-of-network costs.  The percentage of employers adding

                                                                                      Voluntary Benefits in America is increasing dramatically each year.

                                                                                      With a well organized, and thoughtful strategy, these voluntary programs

                                                                                      can be partnered with a company's existing health plan and wellness 

                                                                                      options to help lower costs and improve utilization through education.

Voluntary Benefits are implemented and fully funded by employees through payroll deduction and have no direct cost to the employer. 

The majority of these voluntary elections can be offered on a "pre-tax" basis that will allow the employer to save money on the matching employee payroll taxes.  Voluntary benefits satisfy a vital need for individual employees by allowing them to protect themselves against "out-of-pocket" health care costs.  These programs provide a critical financial safety net in the event of a serious health event where people are at the highest risk of "out-of-pocket" liability.  Voluntary plans can range from traditional Disability plans, Dental, Vision and Life insurance plans.  More timely plans in today's health care market include Critical Illness plans, Accident Indemnity, Cancer expense plans and Hospital Indemnity plans designed specifically designed to pay employees high deductible costs. 

At Benesphere Advisors, we have the experience and expertise in executing and deploying these strategic plans for companies from 5 employees to over 300,000 employees.  We can achieve this with the best interests of both the company and it's employees while providing a positive benefits experience for everyone involved.  


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